Happier, healthier employees through BenefitsApp & QualityCare Connect

One solution, to check all the boxes for employee communications.

By BenefitsApp

Because Employees Appreciate When You Make Their Lives Easier.

If you want to engender appreciation from employees, make their lives easier.
BenefitsApp and QualityCare Connect® have come together to help you do just that, with our comprehensive employee communications and concierge healthcare navigation system. Not only do employees have access to all of their benefits information directly on their smartphone, now they can easily find the best doctors to meet their needs as well. Our high-tech, concierge supported solution helps employees navigate the complex healthcare system to find the best doctors that match their unique needs.

Healthier Employees

Everybody’s healthcare journey is personal. Finding the right doctor to fit your unique condition, goals, or needs is an important step in achieving great health. BenefitsApp + QualityCare Connect make this easy!

Happier Employees

Give employees peace of mind by making it easy for them to find plan information and the right providers in one location right on their phone. When diagnosed with a condition, BenefitsApp + QualityCare Connect make it easy to find the right physician, specialist, or second opinion.

Key Features

  • Streamlined access to corporate resources and communications for employees
  • Company-branded smartphone app with push & in-app messaging
  • Icons for all HR Benefits apps including medical, 401K, payroll and voluntary
  • Digital Signature to capture legal signature of employees
  • Covid-19 Toolkit with employee daily check-in
  • ID & Vaccination Card storage
  • Spanish translation services
  • SSO, employee directory, company calendar and more!
  • Provides employees access to high-value care
  • Reduces employee stress and time wasted trying to find the right physicians
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