BenefitsApp Digitally Hosts Vaccine Cards

BenefitsApp Hosts Digital Vaccination Cards

Have your employees upload their vaccination cards to BenefitsApp

By BenefitsApp

With Covid-19 vaccinations becoming widely available to the general public, use BenefitsApp and our mobile capability to hold digital copies of vaccination cards to help bring your employees back to work when you are ready.

After a year of great uncertainty, vaccinations for Covid-19 have opened up to the public and many people have at least began to get vaccinated. As the pandemic has grown and changed the way the world works, BenefitsApp has stood by our clients to help ease the stress of how to keep essential employees safe, keep employees that could work from home in the loop with easy and direct communication, and helped thousands of employees through a remote open enrollment season.

In March of 2020 we created our COVID-19 toolkit that consisted of a CDC guided health screening survey, an interactive HR portal for tracking employee health statuses, and a state of the art contact tracing system. Now, as we as a country have vaccines available to the general public, BenefitsApp has adjusted our toolkit to host digital vaccination cards and added a virtual vaccination badge on the app to help HR keep track of who is no longer at high risk of contracting the virus and could safely return to the office.

“We believe BenefitsApp is the answer most companies are looking for when strategizing how to bring their employees back to work without having to be in constant communication with all of their employees. We have automated the process and can save HR teams a lot of valuable time in streamlining communication about health statuses, vaccination reporting and if employees are going to be entering the office on a day to day basis.” Rich Wiklund – CEO, BenefitsApp

Vaccination Hub

Not only does BenefitsApp have the ability to host your employees vaccination cards digitally, we also have created a vaccination hub that can offer resources to your employees who have not yet started their road to being vaccinated. BenefitsApp vaccination hub can give your employees access to:

  • The ability to upload their vaccination cards to our digital platform
  • An updated health survey with new “vaccination badge”
  • In-app and push notification ability to send vaccination messaging
  • Information on when they qualify for the vaccine
  • Where to sign up for an appointment & More…

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