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The easy road to compliance with Covid-19 workplace regulations using BenefitsApp.

As local governments enact new Covid-19 workplace
regulations and requirements, BenefitsApp enables compliance with
the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) safety requirements.

By BenefitsApp

BenefitsApp enables employee health status reporting; and tracks employee vaccination status. It’s an easy to use HIPAA compliant mobile app that employees may use to easily submit their vaccine card to authorized HR administrators; and store a copy for personal needs.

As many states are evaluating new regulations for workplace health and safety, organizations like Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry are releasing new requirements and Virginia companies need to be compliant.

Among many new regulations, one significantly challenging item requires employers to keep records of employee vaccination status. 

BenefitsApp simplifies this challenge and can help you meet compliance in as fast as three days.

BenefitsApp’s COVID-19 toolkit includes a CDC-guided health screening survey, an interactive HR portal for tracking employee health status, and easy to use contact tracing system featuring an email system to alert employees who have had possible contact with the virus. We have continued to update our toolkit to meet the ever-changing CDC guidelines. Surveys may be customized to specific client needs, and are available for use by employees and guests.

Now, as vaccines are widely available but not required, the decision to require employees to be vaccinated is the responsibility of the employer. 

BenefitsApp has adjusted its toolkit to host digital vaccination cards and added a vaccine tracking component to our HR portal. BenefitsApp features an employee virtual vaccination badge on the app indicating their health and vaccination status, and HR can access, track, and catalog employee vaccine cards that are uploaded with BenefitsApp via the BenefitsApp HR Portal.

“BenefitsApp is the fastest route to compliance with local government regulations enabling employees to self-serve their vaccination status to HR teams. We have automated the process and can save HR teams valuable time in streamlining communication about health statuses, vaccination reporting and if employees are going to be entering the office on a day to day basis. In some cases, we can deploy BenefitsApp for a client in a matter of days, making compliance easy.”

Rich Wiklund – CEO, BenefitsApp

PrincetonTec becomes compliant with New Jersey requirements in 3 business days.

Read our case study below.

Case Study

Read how BenefitsApp helped a New Jersey Company reach compliance with their executive order on Covid-19 workplace health & safety requirements. 

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