Back to work Kit

BenefitsApp is focused on helping your business reopen safely! With our COVID-19 screening survey, Hello Sign eSignature capabilities, and contact tracing, BenefitsApp offers the whole package to make your reintegration as easy as possible.

Coronavirus has changed the way many of us do business.

While some companies can work remotely, others need to figure out how they can bring their employees back to work safely. At BenefitsApp we have created a customizable solution to help companies create back to work strategies surrounding employee health and COVID-19 with our Back To Work kit.

The kit includes our Health Screening Survey, a personal HR Portal, Contact Tracing, and a Close Contact Follow-up system accompanied by premiere features such as health concierge access, digital signature capabilities, and mobile access to MeMD. 

Back to Work Strategy

Tools & Features

Screening Survey

Automate tracking your employees COVID-19 status.

BenefitsApp features a routine check-in system where each day (or week, or shift as defined by the company), employees submit a CDC-defined short survey indicating if they are healthy, at risk or should call their physician regarding their health status.

HR Portal & Contact Tracing

The BenefitsApp HR Portal and Contact Tracing are hosted securely on the Salesforce Lightning platform

Close Contact Emails

Our Partner Integrations

BenefitsApp along with our partners have you covered from the initial screening of your employees through COVID-19 testing to antibody testing. One app does it all.


Digital Conciegre

Hello Sign


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