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We work with our partners to bring the best app to our users. Check out our current partners!

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BenefitsApp is what is called a “Super App”. A “super app” being explained as “a closed ecosystem of many apps” that people would use every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient experience.” We achieve that status with our integrated partnerships. 

BenefitsApp has a multitude of integrated partners who can be integrated into our clients BenefitsApps’ to increase usability. Our Integrated Partners range from health concierge services to fitness tracking.

Technology Partners

BenefitsApp is a world-class platform hosted on the platform. It is secure and HIPAA compliant. It has a sophisticated scalable architecture. It manages employee access to their benefits based on eligibility, and is easily integrated with other platforms.

BenefitsApp is always expanding! We add new technology partners as we integrate new systems in place. Some of our main technology partners to date are SalesForce, One Signal, Hello Sign and Exavault. 

Benefits Partners

BenefitsApp is home to many different Benefits Partners

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Wellness Partners

BenefitsApp is More than just a mobile home for your employees benefits information. We have specifically curated Monthly Wellness content as well as our wellness partners.

Our wellness partners are other companies that we have partnered with who are looking to encourage healthy lifestyles to your employees!