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Ask Nancy!

BenefitsApp is unlocking a new era of convenience and clarity in navigating benefits. Ask Nancy is your trusty AI-powered HR team member! Employees say goodbye to confusion and frustration when it comes to understanding workplace benefits. HR Teams save time eliminating emails and calls. With Ask Nancy on BenefitsApp, you have a reliable and friendly resource available 24/7 to answer all your employees questions!

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Mobile Strategy
What is
Your Mobile

In today's competitive benefits landscape,
customer and employee expectations are changing.
Speed, convenience and trust matter most.
To meet these expectations, brokers must leverage the right technology to provide the personalized experience customers and employees demand.

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Introducing Benefitsapp

BenefitsApp streamlines all customer and employee interactions within a single cloud-based Benefits Operating System that drives increased efficiency, transparency, and sales across all lines of business.

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Benefits Operating System
& Connected Global Ecosystem.

Provide easy, direct access to information employees need where they live – on their phone, now with passwordless login.

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Benefits / Value

Speed, convenience and trust matter most.
Meet with a member of the BenefitsApp team and learn how BenefitsApp drives increased efficiency by using a CRM based system, eliminating paper files, and brings you the edge of having a mobile benefits strategy.

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What is your mobile strategy? BenefitsApp offers a true White Label solution.
Our white label solution offers clients a mobile strategy starting with a presence on the App Stores, a custom app on the user’s phone and a branded interface within the app – powered by BenefitsApp

Your company can be on the app stores in less than a week.

This is a showcase of our many while label apps.

Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy. 

The first benefits platform built securely on the platform
providing employers a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible members access to their benefits, wherever they are.  BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource Professionals and their Plan Administrators to convey benefits to employees with the BenefitsApp platform.