Secure File Transfer


BenefitApp maintains a Secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site to receive Census or Eligibility files from clients on an hourly basis. Files are sent securely to our SFTP site, and automatically loaded securely to our platform.

Clients may use this form to submit a file or files securely to our SFTP site. Alernatively, they may also use an SFTP application (e.g. FileZilla) to submit files to BenefitsApp using the credentials defined below.

Securely Submit Your File By Clicking Here.

Our FTP server operates as a “drop folder” where clients may only upload files.
To access the SFTP site, using SFTP Software (e.g. FileZilla, or similar) use the following credentials:

  • Server:
  • Port: 22
  • User: benefitsapp_upload
  • Password: benefitsapp_upload0!

Files are processed hourly and automatically removed from the Upload folder.

File Specification
All files must be transferred in a Comma Separate Values format (file.csv). Our system only processes .csv file formats. If you have an alternative format, please contact your engagement manager. The recommended file name is your Company Code (provided by BenefitsApp).csv (e.g. client.csv). All files transferred to BenefitsApp are processed and archived for up to 90 days. Files are processed hourly, however may be submitted as often as you like (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

Sample Census File and Data Definition
A sample census file (tab 1) and data definition (tab 2) is available here: BenefitsApp_Census_Template.xlsx