BenefitsApp is Equipped
with a Full Suite of Features


The BenefitsApp is an affordable and flexible native app, with always up-to-date benefit information. The BenefitsApp bridges the communication gap between open enrollment and when employees need benefit information throughout the year. By using our mobile solution, integrating human resource content into the fabric of your employee’s daily lives, you can reach hard-to-reach employees, when other methods can’t compete. 

Broker and Benefit Consultants

BenefitsApp creates a better employee experience that will lead to improved plan outcomes, lower costs and an overall increased perception of the value of the plans offered by the Broker to its clients. The BenefitsApp sets you apart from the competition and allows you to focus on the strategic requirements of your client by leveraging technology to meet their unique and ever-changing needs.

HR Professionals

The BenefitsApp is a personalized mobile experience that drives engagement and participation with an easy to use, accessible touchpoint for employees. The BenefitsApp reduces HR benefit questions and employee frustration while improving employee retention. The BenefitsApp tracks usage and engagement availing you with insight into employee preferences and popular content. Implementing BenefitsApp frees HR managers to focus on other business opportunities.


The BenefitsApp provides access to full benefit information with enrollment, medical, dental, vision, wellness and more at your fingertips. The app allows you to share information among your family members, quick and simple access to your family benefit cards along with all contact and provider information in one place. The BenefitsApp serves as a curated resource for high-quality health and wellness content and services, for fitness, diet, exercise, telehealth, cost savings and all facets of daily healthy living.

Standard App Features