Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – you can access the app from either a iPhone or Android device.

There is no charge from your company or BenefitsApp.

The preferred interface is mobile. Certain features like “My ID cards” and click to call are only on the mobile app. 

The app will take you to the secure portal that will have you login and then you can change/update your information.

No personal health information is stored within the app.  

Yes, they can download the app and have full access. 

We can connect to any telehealth site; however, we have chosen MeMD for telehealth and talk therapy. There is an additional PEPM. It’s urgent care (physician call that can prescribe locally), and opportunity to speak with a therapist at any time. We can provide a quote. 

We can link to the specific enrollment site for the client; however, most employees prefer a larger screen / laptop.

Yes, we can add as many icons as you like. The app is very flexible

Our engagement manager will work with you to update the app. Send any changes to and we can make the changes very quickly.


 If we receive an FTP file from you each week the information will be automatically updated. If we do not receive a census file from you, all new employees can download the app from the app stores and register using your company code.

Push Notifications are a great way to send a message to your app users. The easiest way to send a push notification is to send your request to We’ll do it for you! 

Yes clients can deploy just Covid-19 screening. 
Our baseline product includes 1 plan – that plan may include just the Covid tab or Covid Survey plus Benefits Content. It’s the same rate. We find clients add benefits and other content right away so this makes it easier to use the full power of the platform.