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We work with our partners to bring the best app to our users. Check out our current partners!

BenefitsApp is a “Super App”. A “super app” being explained as “a closed ecosystem of many apps” that people would use every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient experience.” We achieve that status with our integrated partnerships. 

BenefitsApp has a multitude of integrated partners who can be integrated into our clients BenefitsApps’ to increase usability. Our Integrated Partners range from health concierge services to fitness tracking.

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ScriptSourcing specializes in providing concierge prescription advocacy services. ScriptSourcing is able to help self-funded employers by providing $0 copay RX’s to employees and dependents while substantially mitigating prescription costs. ScriptSourcing leverages decades of industry experience, highly effective risk management solutions, and proprietary technology to provide …

  • $0 copay rx’s 
  • Improved medication adherence
  • 50-60% employer savings
  • Healthier, happier, and more productive employees

Securely create, store, organize and share health information.

Kith + Kin is your app for managing health that makes it easier to care for those you care about by sharing the right information with the right people at the right time.

Whether you’re trying to diagnose your kid’s continuous headaches, coordinating your mom’s chemo treatments, or just writing down notes from your latest physical – we’ve got you.

  • Store your kid’s vaccination records so they’re easily accessible
  • Share Fido and Fluffy’s feeding routine with your pet sitter
  • Give your Dad’s new caregiver access to his entire medical history
  • Keep all your important ID cards and health documents in one place
  • Source input from your trusted circle on questions to ask your doctor
  • Document anything that’s important to you and your loved ones

QualityCare Connect was created to address a major healthcare issue – finding a good doctor. With the lack of transparency around healthcare providers, many people struggle to find the right physician match.

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“LifeGuides matches an employee to an empathetic Guide
who has successfully navigated the same life event.”

– Will Bunker, Founder of, Board Member of LifeGuides®

Improving Healthcare With Technology

The TOTAL Wellness Program (TWP) from Safe Harbor Health is a type of Participatory Wellness Program, known as a “WIMPER”. The TWP allows Employers to add the latest digital healthcare tools to their benefits package while also taking advantage of tax incentives from the Affordable Care Act that save your business & your employees money on taxes in every paycheck. 

With over 200 digital care touchpoints that improve healthcare education, access & price transparency our Proactive Healthcare Management System is built to co-exist with your entire Employee Benefits Program. In fact, every benefit (excluding the Rx Discount Card) has $0 Copay.

This results in a win-win scenario where Employers & Employees can improve their Benefits Package while simultaneously savings money & reducing healthcare costs.

BenefitsApp White label Partners

Our white label solution offers clients a mobile strategy starting with a presence on the App Stores, a custom app on the user’s phone and a branded interface within the app – powered by BenefitsApp.

Technology Partners

BenefitsApp is a world-class platform hosted on the platform. It is secure and HIPAA compliant. It has a sophisticated scalable architecture. It manages employee access to their benefits based on eligibility, and is easily integrated with other platforms.

BenefitsApp is always expanding! We add new technology partners as we integrate new systems in place. Some of our main technology partners to date are SalesForce, One Signal, Hello Sign and Exavault.