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The most effective way for employers to communicate benefits to their eligible members.

Employees know their benefits, wherever they are.

Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy. 

The first benefits platform built securely on the platform
providing employers a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible members access to their benefits, wherever they are.  BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource Professionals and their Plan Administrators to convey benefits to employees with the BenefitsApp platform.


BenefitsApp is customizable and can be edited to fit your company’s brand standards


Use the BenefitsApp marketing strategy to help drive employee adoption and increase engagement


Fast turnaround for all updates to your app


Track employee usage and engagement


Personal information always up to date and easily accessible

Store ID Cards

Access all of your family’s ID cards


Share your benefit information with family members


Fingerprint and facial recognition sign on and in app password

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