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The most effective way for employers to communicate benefits to their eligible members.

COVID-19 Health
Screening Survey

COVID-19 has changed the way most people manage their business. In response, BenefitsApp has automated a company-defined routine check-in for employees to alert HR of their health status.

Digital ID Cards

BenefitsApp offers direct access to digitally rendered medical, vision & dental ID cards.

Within BenefitsApp, employees can see a list of their benefit elections, under the “My Benefits” icon. If the election has an ID card available, employees will see their personalized ID cards under the “ID Cards” icon.

Digital Signature Capabilities with HelloSign
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Benefits made mobile, are benefits made easy. 

The first benefits platform built securely on the platform
providing employers a fast, efficient and secure mobile platform enabling eligible members access to their benefits, wherever they are.  BenefitsApp teams with Human Resource Professionals and their Plan Administrators to convey benefits to employees with the BenefitsApp platform.

Partner | Case Study Highlight Health

Highlight Health Launches Custom BenefitsApp Program
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Highlight Health's program was built for any worker who is struggling to access their needed medical services due to the cost and complexity of the current healthcare system.

Client | Case Study Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec launches BenefitsApp Covid-19 Screening Toolkit
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In the midst of a global pandemic, government officials and company officers alike, need a way to ensure workers are healthy and safe to come to work. BenefitsApp helps New Jersey Company
Princeton Tec Meet Governor's Executive Order.

Client | Case Study Perfect Day

Perfect Day Launches
BenefitsApp COVID-19 Screening Tool
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Perfect Day, an international food technology company headquartered in California, needed an effective way to bring essential workers back to the workplace safely. BenefitsApp presented its
Covid-19 Toolkit as a solution for daily health screening and contact tracing.

Client | Case Study Carlos Rosario School

Working Together to Bring Employees Back to Campus
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This past summer Carlos Rosario began to investigate options to bring their employees back to campus safely and meet the guidelines set in Washington D.C. the Health and Safety Team knew they needed an automated, simple to use health screening tool to meet the Covid –19 guidelines and have the ability to do contact tracing.

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