BenefitsApp for AMWINS

BenefitsApp is the fastest, least expensive path to a mobile strategy for AMWINS brokers and their clients.

By BenefitsApp

A recent McKinsey& Company interview with ING Bank Leadership quoted “if we want to be relevant going forward in our customers’ lives—ordinary customers, retail customers—it needs to be within mobile, because that’s the remote control for your life today. You manage your friends, your family, your shopping, your life by and large via mobile. At least it’s an entry point to managing everything. And if you don’t exist in mobile, you don’t really exist at all.

BenefitsApp is a cost-effective mobile solution for AMWINS Brokers and their clients. Employer groups are increasingly being asked to engage employees in their lives. Those lives are mobile. Mobile is a direct communication channel to sometimes hard-to-reach employees and their families. An app on the phone allows employees to self-serve benefits information throughout the year; enables SMS/Push/In-App messaging; and saves time for HR professionals.

In the same way an AMWINS broker chooses to license its enrollment platform, it can license BenefitsApp. BenefitsApp is the best mobile platform for brokers to deploy a mobile strategy for their employer groups. It was developed and designed to serve brokers the fasted, least expensive and non-competitive path to a mobile strategy giving them a competitive advantage in a mobile-focused market.

Adopt BenefitsApp as your mobile app; or launch a white label version for your brokerage to have your presence on the App Stores and your own button on the phone. BenefitsApp is the only white label platform for brokers to be on the app stores with a mobile app within days or weeks. Either way, you can have a mobile strategy immediately to drive new sales and renewals.

In a world where people live on their phones, the best way to get employees engaged is to meet them where they live. BenefitsApp offers employer’s employees quick, easy access to their benefits right on their phone; access to digital ID cards, and the plans that brokers and employers work so hard to provide. BenefitsApp increases employee engagement by:

1. Creating an Easy-to-Use Personalized Employee and Family Experience

BenefitsApp provides a personalized experience where each employee and their family members have easy access to their benefits information, ID cards, and ability to find in-network providers right in their pocket. All that is necessary is a company code and member ID. No email required for BenefitsApp!

2. Mobile Messaging - Clear Calls to Action

With validated employee mobile numbers, HR teams utilize our SMS, in-app, or push notifications to communicate valuable information and ensure time-sensitive activities, documents, and deadlines are never missed. 

3. Self-Serve Ecosystem – the App of Apps

BenefitsApp provides employees access to educational videos, carrier sites and portals, tools for getting real-time assistance, and quick integrations into your other online offerings. By consolidating everything in one Benefits Ecosystem, employees and family members have one place every time for the current up-to-date information.

4. Combatting App Fatigue

We all have too many apps on our phones. BenefitsApp is an App Ecosystem that consolidates all your benefits programs into one place; making it easier for employees to find the right information at the right time to fit their needs.

A recent Voya survey says 78% of employees don’t understand their benefits and want more information throughout the year. Offering BenefitsApp to your employer groups immediately raises the value of your relationship with your clients as they seek to increase employee retention and satisfaction, and recruit new employees.

BenefitsApp bridges the gap between open enrollment and the rest of the year when employees need access to their dental plan because they chipped a tooth or need to find an in-network eye doctor to provide a new glasses prescription if their previous optometrist has just retired. 

HR departments are stretched to the limits. BenefitsApp saves time. How many benefits-related calls and emails do your clients receive each year? BenefitsApp saves hours per year per employee by providing access to information; and a HIPAA Secure method to submit questions and related personal documents to HR. Consolidating benefits communication saves time and adds HIPAA security.

BenefitsApp has tool kits for dependent verification, employee surveys, health status updates and more. All tools geared to save your client time, energy and money.

Secure, Global, Multilingual and Always Available

BenefitsApp is built and hosted on the global platform Logging into BenefitsApp is effectively logging into Our technology platform offers global security and SOC and HIPAA compliance. We serve groups of all sizes with no minimum or maximum group. BenefitsApp is fast and always available. Global also means we support all major languages.

Making Open Enrollment less intimidated, less stressed and less confusing.

BenefitsApp makes Open Enrollment smoother than ever. Challenges that come with the territory of employees choosing their benefits. BenefitsApp can mitigate employee stress and confusion by:

  1. Using Mobile for Simple Navigation & Ease of Use
    BenefitsApp brings benefits to a place where everyone is comfortable receiving information, their phone.  
  2. Easy Reminders & Quick Messages.
    BenefitsApp offers push, in-app, and SMS messaging. Sending reminders and information to employee’s phones can keep open enrollment top of mind and easy to access via short yet meaningful content.
  3. Introducing BenefitsApp to Employees Before Open Enrollment Season
    Building your app before open enrollment gives your employees time to understand their benefits and how to use the app now before it’s time to make their new elections. Employees can take their time and feel confident in navigating the app and having access to everything they need in one place.


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