BenefitsApp New Features Webinar

Watch the recording of BenefitsApp’s New Features webinar from October 21st 2021.

BenefitsApp is primarily a mobile benefits management solution, but as our clients needs ebb and flow the BenefitsApp team is constantly working to bring new features to the app.

HR is the backbone of any company and they take on many tasks, one of which being employee benefits management. Ernst and Young’s HR Benchmark study estimates that obtaining or providing plan documents and summaries for employees can take around 20 to 30+ minutes each time an employee has a question about their benefits, who their provider is, or what type of plan they have. BenefitsApp streamlines that process and puts all of that information into an easily digestible mobile app, giving your employees the ability to self-serve when they, or their dependents, need information regarding their benefits.

But as HR managers know that’s just one aspect of a job in the Human Resources department, and we have been working with our clients to bring new features and functionality to BenefitsApp, reaching beyond just benefits management to be a well rounded mobile human resources tool.

Watch our webinar to see our newest features.