BenefitsApp in Real Life:
The Story of a User

Benefits In Action On The Go.

By BenefitsApp

BenefitsApp is a mobile app for employee’s to access their most valuable benefits information anywhere, anytime.

Not only do employees have the convenience of a mobile app, but HR teams utilize our SMS, in-app, or push notifications to communicate valuable information. Employees and their family members gain easy access to and more easily use their benefits in BenefitsApp as well.

See how this played out with one user recently.

Rob, the proud father of 2 star toddler ballerinas, was at his 5 year old’s dance recital one Saturday morning. Everything was going according to plan until a leap turned into a fall and a broken ankle. 

After rushing to the closest emergency room, Rob realized that he didn’t even have his wallet to show the hospital his medical ID card. Rob was able to quickly pull out his phone and show the front desk his ID card stored in BenefitsApp. 

Unfortunately, the ankle wasn’t going to heal on its own and surgery was recommended. Nervous about sending his little girl in for a scary procedure, Rob wanted the best doctor for pediatric ankle surgery. Quite a niche. Through BenefitsApp, Rob was quickly able to access QualityCare Connect – a great service offered by his employer – to help him locate the best physician for the job.

After the successful procedure was complete, Rob’s HR team sent out a communication through BenefitsApp about the company’s Accident insurance policy. It turned out Rob was enrolled and had totally forgotten about it. Using BenefitsApp, he quickly downloaded the claim form, completed, and e-signed the document right on his phone. It turned out Rob’s Accident plan reimbursed Rob’s family thousands of dollars for the procedure – even for things that were already covered by health insurance.