Carlos Rosario and BenefitsApp work together to bring employees back to campus

This past summer Carlos Rosario began to investigate options to bring their employees back to campus safely and meet the guidelines set in Washington D.C. Cecilia Hoyer, Chief Human Resources Officer and the Health and Safety Team knew they needed an automated, simple to use health screening tool to meet the Covid –19 guidelines and have the ability to do contact tracing. Carlos Rosario has a diverse population and ease of use was key to any system they were looking to implement.

Carlos Rosario

Carlos Rosario is a client of benecurv, a professional services firm that implements employee sponsored benefits packages. benecurv recommended BenefitsApp to Carlos Rosario for health screening and they will soon be adding all of their benefit information to the app as well. BenefitsApp not only offers a fast, simple and secure platform for health screening we also offer employees access to all of their benefit information. The app can be developed with only the Covid-19 survey information, benefits only or both features along with a host of other tools. BenefitsApp is the first platform built entirely on the platform and is highly secure and HIPAA compliant.


Carlos Rosario // Chief Human Resources Officer

Cecilia Hoyer

“I think the BenefitsApp is an amazing overall app and very comprehensive. Your ability to recognize the need that we have as a nation and to quickly adapt and create a tool that facilitates one of the most critical steps when it comes to screening has been amazing. The ease of use and your willingness to work with us to meet our needs, is a sign of a true partner. I look forward to working with you on the next step to launch the app to include all of our benefit information to help serve our employees.” 

Question & Answer With Carlos Rosario

Why Carlos Rosario Chose BenefitsApp

Why did Carlos Rosario begin looking for a Health Survey app?

Carlos Rosario needed to meet the Washington D.C. and national guidelines for health and safety to bring workers back to campus. We created a health and safety task force, and they developed a paper health screening tool. The paper system was creating a lot of extra work and we quickly realized we needed a more efficient system and it needed to be automated. Guidelines were always changing and strategically we wanted a better system to meet and exceed the requirements.

How was support?

Support has been more than amazing. I worked directly with the BenefitsApp team and they were beyond flexible, not only showing us how to do things, but also helping out, even over the weekend to help meet our deadlines. The team was very responsive, and patient and they were always available for questions. Relationship and customer support are key, and your team has been very responsive, including customizations, even things you were not sure how you would deliver, you looked into it and met our expectation. If it was not exact, you found another way to do it and could always deliver

How did you hear about BenefitsApp?​

Our amazing partner benecurv which is our benefit provider made us aware of BenefitsApp. It was perfect timing. Everyone was looking at different options, but the benecurv / BenefitsApp partnership moved BenefitsApp to the top of the list. We looked at a few other options but BenefitsApp was the most comprehensive and knowing that we can add our benefit information down the road was a big selling point.

What are your employees saying?

Getting our CEO’s endorsement was key and when she used the app to complete her health screening, she thought it was very easy to use. Also, our health and safety lead who is our general counsel sings its praises. She is able to use it for reporting and finds it very quick to access and simple to use. Everyone is raving about how easy it is to use and that it is quick and simple.

What were your initial thoughts after seeing the demo of the app?

I was very impressed with the demo. The BeneftsApp team had customized the app which showed that they had listened to our needs. Even in the very early stages they had almost exactly what we needed with a few minor modifications. We were able to deliver the app to our executive team for review and it was very easy for them to use and demo. It had a few bells and whistles that I didn’t expect, which was great. I’m very proud of the app, it allowed me to demonstrate a great product to our team and show our great relationship with benecurv.

Has BenefitsApp been responsive as Washington D.C. Guidelines have changed?

Absolutely, as I mentioned, things are always changing. As we’ve made BenefitsApp aware of the changes, they have been able to make updates in a very timely fashion. BenefitsApp has been on top of it, the original framework covered mostly everything, but small nuanced changes related to our team, have also been updated quickly.


Do you feel it is affordable?

Yes, we had no problem with the pricing / affordability. Your app is competitively priced among your peers and the others seemed to be one dimensional products. You offered a full relationship therefore we did not spend a lot of time reviewing other apps.

What do you think about the HR portal?

The portal is easy to use. We are reviewing reporting options and looking to start delivering messaging from the portal. Looking forward to using this functionality in more depth.