Highlight Health Launches BenefitsApp

Highlight Health’s unique benefits program enables delivery and management of multiple benefit offerings to clients of all sizes. Sold directly, or through Brokers, HLH chose BenefitsApp for its flexibility and ability to be customized to HLH’s brand standards.


BenefitsApps enables clients of all sizes the ability to provide employees easy access to their personal benefits information any time throughout the year. In addition to its core offering, the BenefitsApp platform is highly customizable to client needs. The team at HLH required the flexibility to use their brand standards with custom buttons; and required advanced features including a searchable formulary and list of participating hospitals. It quickly became evident that BenefitsApp was exactly what they were looking for.

Highlight Health

Highlight Health is a healthcare access program connecting under-served populations to quality affordable healthcare. Highlight Health needed a turnkey mobile platform connecting their services to their members with specificity at the group level. It needed customization and SSO for enrollment and telehealth. It needed to be user friendly and flexible. “At the end of the day our program only works if the members understand their benefits and can engage with them and BenefitsApp delivered the right solution.”

Josh Spivak


Highlight Health // CEO

Josh Spivak

“I think brokers, consultants, and HR folks reviewing this app will see it as the future. In today’s world, having our Members proactively engage with their health has become paramount to producing better outcomes and driving down costs – this is exactly what BenefitsApp empowers our Members to achieve. If you don’t have something like BenefitsApp you are doing a disservice to the populations you serve. 

Question & Answer With Highlight Health

Why Highlight Health Chose BenefitsApp

Question: How did you hear about BenefitsApp?

HLH: We were referred by aBenefitsApp client who suggested the platform might be a great fit. It is, and it’s a fantastic app. It accelerated the launch of HLH.

Question: How was the turnaround time?

HLH: Too quick sometimes, it amazes me. It speaks volumes to your deep knowledge of our business and how the platform is built to be so responsive and quick. Small edits to major changes are done very quickly. So far, it’s met or exceeded every expectation.

Question: Did you consider other apps? How did we compare?

HLH: We tried building our own platform and quickly learned it wasgoing to be difficult. We evaluated several apps, and chose BenefitsApp. Initially it was the best value and had the features we needed. As a client, the combination of excellent service combined with a user interface that is exactly what we imagined is a huge win for HLH. We are thrilled with the outcome that confirms BenefitsApp was the best choice.

Question: Do you feel BenefitsApp is affordable?

HLH: Yes – super affordable – considering the landscape of health- care and benefits has reached the point where people are forced to educate themselves about their benefits, for HLH, BenefitsApp is the hub of everyone’s healthcare experience. Folks who don’t have a solution like BenefitsApp will find it hard to compete. We find it’sa tremendous platform that gives HLH a competitive advantage.

Question: What were your thoughts about the app after you saw the demo?

HLH: It was amazing to see what I had envisioned the HLH App to be in my mind for over a year and you delivered it in less than 48 hours.

Question: How is support?

HLH: Support has been fantastic, super responsive and flexible. The support sold us on BenefitsApp, and the platform is outstanding.