Monthly Wellness Content

Share informational and fun monthly health & wellness content with your employees each month in BenefitsApp.

By BenefitsApp

BenefitsApp is more than just a mobile home for your employees’ benefits information! 

We have added specially curated Monthly Wellness content to engage your employees and bring them helpful tips and information to live a healthier lifestyle. Each month, you will see new information added to the wellness icon in BenefitsApp correlating with the season as added bonus content!

“As a business, you should be offering wellness content to your employees and customers during a public health crisis.” –

Why you should offer Wellness resources

All employees want to feel as though they are being looked after by their place of business. That is why when people are looking for new jobs they look for a fair salary, good benefits, and hope to work with like-minded people and start a job with a good company culture. 

As the pandemic has left a lot of employees working from home or working in very specific conditions to increase safety it is important to continue to engage your employees and show that you are looking out for them to create solid relationships. Adding BenefitsApp’s Monthly Wellness content to your employees BenefitsApp will give them new information each month that shows that you support living a healthy lifestyle and support their overall wellbeing!  

Slides from January Financial wellness slide deck

Included Content

  • General Info on Monthly Wellness Topic 
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Monthly Wellness Poster 
  • Wellness Activities
  • Online Articles
  • Youtube videos 
  • & More

Monthly Topic Examples