Perfect Day, an international food technology company headquartered in California, needed an effective way to bring essential workers back to the workplace safely. BenefitsApp, working with its partner TouchCare, presented its Covid-19 Toolkit as a solution for daily health screening and contact tracing. Perfect Day chose BenefitsApp for its modern mobile app combined with an easy-to-use HR Portal for monitoring employee health.

Perfect Day

Founded in 2014 by CEO and co-founder, Ryan Pandya, and co-founder, Perumal Gandhi — Perfect Day is on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow by developing new ways to make the foods you love today — starting in the dairy aisle. Instead of relying on cows, the Bay Area startup utilizes fermentation to create proprietary ‘flora-made’ dairy protein. Perfect Day’s ingenious animal-free protein can be used across a range of products — from ice cream and milk to cheese and butter — to deliver the same taste and texture of dairy without the environmental, animal welfare, or food safety concerns.

Benefits App Human Resources Portal: Health Status Reporting and Contact Tracing

Perfect Day was looking to bring their food scientists, engineers, lab technicians, and lab service employees back into their labs safely without adding to the challenges the People & Culture or EHS teams were already facing. When Perfect Day saw the Human Resources Portal and the simple, easy-to-use survey along with the option to have all calls and email go directly to Touch Care, they were relieved to have found a way to get back to work safely. The HR portal gives Perfect Day the ability to do contact tracing, view real-time survey results, and view digitally-signed agreements.

BenefitsApp, working with partners like TouchCare, are helping employers be compliant with Covid-19 safety protocols. As state governments work to contain the spread of the virus, mandates are being enacted to protect employees returning to work.

BenefitsApp’s Covid-19 Tool Kit offers a daily employee Covid-19 survey, digital signature feature for policy documents and contact tracing via its HR Portal. TouchCare with its TouchCare Shield service offers personal employee health concierge support by phone and email. As a team, we enable companies to quickly enact a comprehensive plan and strategy to keep employees safe and supported during these difficult times.


Perfect Day // Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Amber Bailey

“The Human Resources portal helps me to manage the whole process and has helped us to meet our original objective of bringing our employees back safely without adding to the challenges our HR department is tackling. The portal is very easy and convenient, and the dashboard display and record count are very user friendly. I check in every morning and a couple times throughout the day.” 

Question & Answer With Perfect Day

Why Perfect Day Chose BenefitsApp

Question: How did you hear about BenefitsApp?

Perfect Day: We use TouchCare’s concierge services and they recommended BenefitsApp. Between TouchCare Shield and BenefitsApp we have a simple solution that did not add to the challenges the HR Department was already facing.

Question: What are your employees saying?

Perfect Day: Employees are comfortable using the app. Once they are registered it is very simple to use. We also use the HR Portal, which is super helpful if we need to do contact tracing.

Question: What were your initial thoughts about BenefitsApp?

Perfect Day: The demo impressed us. We liked the simplicity of the app and since our employees were already familiar with TouchCare, it was an easy decision.

Question: How was the turnaround time?

Perfect Day: Turnaround time was great. Start to finish was about 1 week to 10 days, including our internal approval process.

Question: Did you consider other apps? How do we compare?

Perfect Day: Our IT department looked at many different options. Most of the systems they reviewed were set up on a kiosk vs. an easy to use app. We liked the simplicity of the app and that everyone could download the app to their own phone. Also, turnaround time and set up were super fast.

Question: Is the push notification every morning helpful?

Perfect Day: Yes, we get a reminder every morning at 7:30 and it really helps people to remember to take the survey.


Question: How was support?

Perfect Day: Support has been wonderful. It is nice to have one contact that is our go to person.

Question: Do you feel it’s a good value for Perfect Day?

Perfect Day: Yes – we find it very affordable.