In the spring of 2020, the way the world operated changed. Many employees were forced to work remotely while others had to work in person, potentially being at risk of exposure to Covid-19 in the workplace.

In the midst of a global pandemic, government officials and company officers alike, need a way to ensure workers are healthy and safe to come to work.


BenefitsApp launched a daily health survey for companies of all sizes to monitor employees’ health and keep the workplace safe. Employ­ees may safely and easily complete a daily CDC-recommended survey using BenefitsApp right from their phone. The BenefitsApp Covid-19 Toolkit notifies the employer of their status based on their responses. The employee is either healthy, asked to monitor symptoms or advised to seek medical attention.

The Human Resource team has a BenefitsApp Dashboard showing current and historical views of employee status. If an employee is Covid-19 positive or has symptoms in the workplace, the HR team immediately and easily begin contact tracing using Benefit­sApp Covid-19 Toolkit.

Each state has passed slightly different man­dates however, BenefitsApp is highly custom­izable and can be tailored to meet the needs of your company.

About Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec, a New Jersey-based company, delivers top-quality lighting products to the outdoor, bike, industrial, tactical, and SCUBA industries. It is an American manufacturer with a strong reputation with dealers and customers for their superior and reliable lights. When New Jersey Governor Murphy signed an executive order to protect his State’s work­force during the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura Papp, HR & Accounting Manager at Princeton Tec. knew she had to move quickly. She evalu­ated several options and chose BenefitsApp to be compliant with the Executive Order requir­ing a daily self-assessment questionnaire and contact tracing. After a quick demonstration of the app, Laura knew BenefitsApp would meet all of the new requirements. BenefitsApp offered Princeton Tec a quick easy app solution. BenefitsApp Covid-19 Toolkit includes a screening tool for employees to complete easily on their phone and also gave Princeton Tec access to an HR Portal that gives them the ability to do con­tact tracing if an employee has symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. She deployed Bene­fitsApp to her team in less than a week.


Princeton Tec // Accounting & HR Manager

Laura Papp

“BenefitsApp was able to meet all of the requirements in the Governor’s executive order and launch the app in less than a week. We have been using the app for the past 2 weeks and it is meeting all of our needs. Our employees say it is quick and easy to use. It also meets our HR needs for contact tracing and gives me the ability to track and easily notify employees if we have an issue.”

Question & Answer With Laura Papp

Accounting & HR Manager at Princeton Tec

Question: What were your initial thoughts of BenefitsApp

Laura: The app is very user friendly and met all of our needs. I was using paper and I knew I needed something efficient and sustainable. I was looking for something simple, not overly complicated.

Question: Are the Push notifications helpful?

Laura: Yes getting a reminder push notification every morning really helps employees to remember that they need to take the Covd-19 Survey everyday before coming to work.

Question: Is BenefitsApp affordable?

Laura: BenefitsApp is a great value and met our budget requirements.

Question: How was turnaround time?

Laura: I was blown away. It was almost ready overnight.

Question: How was support?

Laura: Fantastic – when setting up the app, BenefitsApp was flexible and tailored the screening tool to meet our needs.